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Electronic register EWM is designed to replace the traditional mechanical counter of multijet and piston water meter. This device uses  AMR sensor to determine the number of turns, then calculate the volume and the flow rate. The EWM is a breakthrough solution for low power consumption, along with many other notable features that the mechanical counter does not have

  • Technical specifications

    • High accuracy across the scale from Qmin to Qmax.
    • Detect and record the time of tampering.
    • Detect and record the time of overflow.
    • Detect and record the time of leakage.
    • Detect and record the time of reverse.
    • Low Battery warning.
    • Record the volume per hour in memory and read by communication near NFC.
    • Data transmission LORAWAN interface. Equivalent interface options: Wireless Mbus, NB-IoT.
    • IP68 water resistance.
    • Easy maintenance.
    • Battery life for 5 years.
    • Warranty for 1 year.


    1. EWM_Catalogue_EN.pdf
    2. EWM_Catalogue_VI.pdf
  • Communications

    • Near field communication (NFC)

    • LORAWAN 923MHz

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