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The electronic counter WMC-01 is a pulse counter to be connected to a piston water meter.

The water volume is measured by a counter using a TMR sensor with a very low current consumption. The equipment is attached directly to a piston water meter. The accuracy of the counter is +/- 0.5 liter.

Water volume as well as other warnings alike water leakage, overflow, and low battery warning are collected by a 922 Mhz wireless dongle that is connected to an Android smartphone. The distance of an obstacle-free transceiver between the reader and the device is about 50m.

The counter includes an internal memory that contains 1500 water volume data in 1 month.

NFC interface allows water utility company to configure the counter, read out the data or user to read out data with a NFC enabled Android smartphone.

  • Technical specifications

    - Water volume:

    • From 0 to 9999.999 m3.
    • Accuracy +/- 0.5 liter.
    • Resolution : 1 liter.
    • Data sampling : 1s.

    - Temperature range : 0°C to 60°C

    - Warnings :

    • Low battery.
    • Water leakage.
    • Oveflow.
    • Reverser.
    • Tampering.

    - Battery LiSOCL2 3.6V 2.4Ah, AA size. Life time 5 years.

    - IP 68.

    - Warranty for 1 year.


    1. WMC-01_Catalogue_EN.pdf
    2. WMC-01_Catalogue_VI.pdf
  • Communications

    - NFC interface according to ISO 15693 RF – 13.56 MHz.

    - Wireless Mbus:

    • Frequency 922 MHz.
    • TX Power 25mW.
    • Duty cycle <1%.
    • Manchester and 3 out of 6 modulation.

    - Equivalent interface options: LoRaWan, NB-IoT.

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