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Ultrasonic water meters (UWM products) – used for measurement of water flow in fully charged closed conduits – are designed and produced by Digisensor Co., Ltd, now known as Digisensor JSC in Viet Nam. Based on our experience since 2000 with the development of electronic devices, UWM products offer pinpoint accuracy and longevity up to 10 years.


Applying the transit time principle of ultrasonic pulses, UWM products can perform precise measurements even at very low flowrates. In fact, minimum flowrates start as low as 6 l/h with UWM-15, 10 l/h with UWM-20 and 16 l/h with UWM-25.


The meters include no moving parts, which makes them resistant to mechanical wear and water impurities. The meters are also highly versatile as they can operate in both horizontal and vertical direction. All constructed materials are eco-friendly and safe for the water source.

To protect the meter from external disturbances, such as heat, coldness or humidity… all electronic components are secured separately with “silicon casting” method. Therefore, UWM products are IP68 tested and ready for both indoor and outdoor operations.


UWM products have the ability to measure reverse flow. The total amount of water consumption is updated continuously on the display with the resolution of 0.00001 m3 . Along with the flow wheel which simulates the current flowrate and the advanced warning system, users can always monitor their plumping condition conveniently.


Essential information such as total amount of water consumption and warning events are saved permanently in the internal memory of the meter. For communication purposes, UWM products provide 4 methods: near field communication (NFC), wireless M-Bus communication, Long Range Wide-Area Network (LoRaWAN) and Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT).

  • Technical specifications

    All UWM products comply with ISO 4064:2005 standard for cold potable water meters.

    • Severity level: Class B & C
    • Electromagnetic environment class: Class E1
    • Meter temperature class: T50
    • Ambient temperature working range: +5°C to +55°C
    • Ambient humidity working range: 0% to 100% (at 40°C)
    • Water pressure class: MAP 10
    • Ingress protection rating: IP68 (IEC standards)
    • DC power supply: 1 or 2 ER26500 lithium battery, 3.6V
    • Approximate battery life: From 5 to 10 years


    1. UWM_Advantages.pdf
    2. UWM Datasheet EN.pdf
    3. UWM Datasheet VI.pdf
    4. UWM_Catalogue_EN.pdf
    5. UWM_Catalogue_VI.pdf
  • Communications

    UWM products support 4 methods of communication, including near field communication (NFC), wireless M-Bus communication, Long Range Wide-Area Network (LoRaWAN) and Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT).

    • Near field communication (NFC)
    • Wireless M-Bus communication
    • Long Range Wide-Area Network (LoRaWAN)
    • Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT)
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